Marketing Leadership on a Fractional Basis

Optimize your growth with a fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing leadership to propel

your company into the next phase of development

We're a fractional CMO agency dedicated to med-tech and health tech start-ups. Our services help

growing, mission-driven start-ups develop a strategy,

expand market reach, and establish revenue.

Most tech start-ups fail due to a lack of market and commercial expertise.

  • Raising capital is critical to getting to the commercial phase; without a clear and consistent message, investors are quick to close the door.

  • Today's investors are demanding more proof of concept and product-market fit. Knowing what product features to add and which ones to eliminate is critical for long-term success.
  • Healthcare institutions are accepting fewer equipment and tools to do the same job. A clear understanding of the competition and the payer landscape can determine the product's success before it even hits the market.

  • The commercialization of medical devices is changing. The stakeholders are looking for a more integrated approach to innovation. Companies must connect with patients, payers, and physicians directly, digitally, and continuously.

We can help you transform a fragmented marketing strategy into a comprehensive and effective plan that you can take action on today.

Why hire a fractional CMO?

Marketing Leadership

Gain control of your marketing efforts. Deliver a consistent message, and establish ongoing collaboration with critical stakeholders.


Manage internal stakeholder relationships to improve brand positioning and messaging.


Analyze data, marketing systems, and content to ensure trust is built with all external partnerships.

How we do it.

We're experts in healthcare marketing with more than ten years of experience, over thousands of hours spent researching, learning, and testing how to market medical devices and healthcare products. Thousands of dollars spent on MBAs, courses, coaches, and mastermind groups working with some of the world's best medical and healthcare brands.

We broke it down into 4 phases that will help you achieve clarity about your mission, propel you to commercialization, and deliver a greater impact to more patients.

How it works.


Gain alignment on goals, strategy, and brand promise. We'll break down the company goals, the development process, and the major milestone on the horizon.


Dig deep into the technology, disease state, and competition. We thoroughly assess your current plan and use a series of metrics to measure where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.


Create a 90-day action plan. We use all the knowledge we gained in step 2 to build a plan that's specific to your segment and technology. We set short 90-day plans to monitor and adjust the strategy continually.

How we can help.

Fractional CMO

  • Our Fractional CMOs help clients build strong marketing teams and programs through our unique model.
  • Our marketers our qualified and experienced in helping healthcare companies grow.
  • Hired on a fractional basis up to 30 hours per week.

Marketing Consulting

  • Refine current marketing plan.
  • Collaborate with leadership through weekly cadence meetings.
  • Lead quarterly workshops to prioritize initiatives.

Implementation Services

  • Work with a team of verified implementation partners to complete your strategy's tactile aspects.
  • Our team of experts has you covered; everything from website development to content creation.
  • We've vetted and tested these partners, so you don't have to.


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